I bought a Neoniq Intelligent TV Box on ebay and it came with Android 2.2. Needless to say, it wasn’t pretty, and many things didn’t function as I had hoped. It took me half a day to read through all the blogs and forums to figure out how to go about updating it to Gingerbread and ultimately to Ice Cream Sandwich. The player is manufactured by Geniatech and the model is ATV2000 or GTV220. It looks like this

Rather than copying the process here, I merely want to summarize it and give you the big picture so you know “what” has to be done. I will then give you the links that tell you “how” to do it.

Big picture: Updates are done by using a Fat formatted SD or SDHC card with the file “update.zip” or “update.img” on it. To update, unplug power, insert SD card, press and hold reset button (pin hole or mine had a button on the bottom of the device), wait until update screen comes up and let go of reset button. Here is a youtube video showing you how to do it, but at this stage just watch it through once, not worrying about the file names and where to get them from, or the Android version they’re updating to.

Having seen that video, you will get the first file that updates, which is a “SPI” update and will install Uboot version 1.3.5 and Recovery version 1.2.9. Download it from HERE and follow the instructions in the video. You will notice the device will reboot and install the update again and again, unless you wait for the screen to go blank and unplug the power, which is what you should do once it updated once (or more times if you miss the rebooting stage).

Next, grab the new Android 4.0 ICS from HERE. Copy it to your SD card, erasing any other files that are on the card. Insert card into device, hold reset button, plug in power, release reset button when updating screen comes up. Wait for it to do its magic and reboot with your new Android ICS. Better still, if you’re reading this guide after May 2012, read through this forum, starting from the end, to look for links to the latest version of Android available.

Note: Other forums will advise you to update from 2.0 to SPI to 2.3 and then to 4.0 (or whatever the current version is when you read this), but you can skip the 2.3 update altogether.

I mainly use mine to stream videos from my desktop computer over the network, and I use ES File Explorer to browse my local network, and ES Media Player to play the videos, but for some files i have to tell it to open as video file, which is a little annoying so I’m looking for a way to eliminate that. For the time being, this works well enough.