I looked at 4 different gas and electricity comparison websites, and they all gave me incorrect comparisons. If they can convince you to switch, they get commission. They can’t lie about the plan your signing up for, but they can make your existing provider look worse than it is, and that’s what they do.

How they scam you:

  1. They ask you to enter in your current supplier name, plan, and usage.
  2. They show you a list of other suppliers along with how much you SAVE, without showing you what your currently paying (which they conveniently overestimate).

Don’t despair, all is not lost. You can use those websites (just search for “compare gas and electricity” on google) to show you the rates other suppliers are offering. You can then use my xls spreadsheet to work out your current annual costs compared to that of the other suppliers. You will then have an accurate understanding of how much you can actually save by switching.