This page contains information and pictures about my garden in Hampton Park, Melbourne South East, Australia. I will show you my 37 fruit trees scattered throughout my 500m2 typical suburban block and talk about how they perform.


My almond tree has performed exceptionally well right from the first season. It’s in sandy and usually dry soil, full sun, and occasionally strong (60kph) wind. The soil was mulched when the tree was still young. I have done minimal pruning and no fertilising. Despite the harsh conditions, the tree has been fruitful and delightful. My almond tree flowers before any other tree in late winter.

Problems: Cockatoos try to eat them when they ripen.

Fruit: Prolific late autumn harvest




I have four apple trees, but three of them are first season, so I won’t talk about them here. My older tree is in its third season, and is a granny smith variety. It has always produced surprisingly large apples which are great for juicing, although my kids have always eaten them all straight off the tree. They’re very tasty and sweet if allowed to ripen on the tree. I occasionally water it in the dry summer months.

ApricotApricot Basketapricot_tree

Strong, fast growing, and bearing lots of fruit since first season.

Problems: Bugs try to eat them if left on the tree too long, and need to net against birds

Fruit: Prolific December harvest






Melbourne is probably a bit too cold for a decent banana crop, but most nurseries sell cool climate varieties that will do OK. Mine has never looked great, but seems to produce a worthwhile bunch of bananas. It is a small variety (ladyfinger?), and it seems to only grow a partial bunch after which the rest withers, or sometimes I cut the flower off so the already developing bananas get a better chance of growing well. I’ve had fruit develop in autumn and stay unchanged until the following spring, and I’ve also had fruit develop in spring, which is probably the better scenario. It’s located in the back yard where the soil seems to hold moisture a little better, and it gets full sun.

Problems: None

Fruit: Cut the flower once the bunch gets to about the size pictured, otherwise they stay really small

Blood Orange

Although not as sweet as the more common oranges, they’re quite good and very juicy. The tree is about three years old and produces lots of fruit.

Problems: None

Fruit: At least two heavy fruiting cycles per year


The hazelnut plant is more of a large bush. It is wind pollinated so you should get at least two near each other. Last year I had on nut but it turned out to be an empty shell. This year, I’m hoping for my first crop. The bushes seem to be properly established now after 2 years. I’ll update the photo if I get some nuts in autumn.

Problems: None

Fruit: Still waiting for my first harvest after two years. This year there are a couple nuts yet to be harvested.


PeachPeach TreePeach Basket

This is one of my most vigorously growing trees. It gets leaf curl but I didn’t spray it and as you can see it still produced a huge crop. This is about the third or fourth year since I planted this tree and we had about twenty kilos of fruit.

Problems: Peach leaf curl. Spray early spring with a copper solution to minimise the effect. Birds will eat them when ripe.

Fruit: Prolific late December



It took about three years for this tree to fruit and I was considering getting rid of it and then it came good. Now it produces plenty of juicy fruit at least twice a year.

Problems: None

Fruit: Juicy and tasty twice a year




My nectarine seedling is finally growin properly, and I expect some decent fruit this year. The fruit is a lot tastier than the peach, but the tree has a fair bit of leaf curl because I didn’t spray it this year. It doesn’t get quite as much sun as the peach which is very close to it, and the leaves and flowers come out a little earlier than the peach. Next year I’ll be spraying it.

Problems: Peach leaf curl. Spray early spring with a copper solution to minimise the effect.

Fruit: Prolific late January


Only second fruiting season and it’s looking very good this year. I expect about a kilo of fruit which should be ripening late January. This is a dark blue variety, the same kind they use for prunes.

Problems: Birds

Fruit: Prolific January